7 best tips for how to relieve lower back pain

how to reliev lower back pain

what is the secret of relieving lower back pain fast?

Do you struggle with lower back pain? Occasionally, you got tired of trying how to relieve lower back pain?. If you say yes, don’t worry; you will know the secret of “how to relieve severe lower back pain” when you read out the last line of this blog. 

Somebodies searching how to relieve their lower back pain while sleeping?.some peoples ask how to relieve lower back pain fast?.but they don’t like to know about the reasons for back pain. There are no possibilities to find the solution without knowing about the causes.

If you want to relieve severe back pain, you should know what causes the lower back pain?. here, I can give a guarantee for reducing your pain relief if you follow these medications, which are presented in this blog.

First, we can see back pain statistics, which gives you a straightforward approach to back pain

what is the stunning result of back pain servey?

We can see back pain is a common and significant problem worldwide. As per the estimation of medical experts, approximately 80% of people have been experienced lower back pain in their lifetime.


people 80%

WHO servey of adults

WHO says, as per the 2010 global Burden of Disease study, back pain has a higher value among the top 10 injuries and diseases.

If we see as per country-wise,30% of adults, specifically females have been affected by lower back pain.  In that survey, women search for the solution for how to relieve lower back pain during pregnancy?

Prevention is a must for back pain at all ages, specifically those who have age above 40.

Adults 30%


Nearly 65 million Americans have been affected by lower back pain because of their daily routine works or activities.

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what causes worst lower back pain?

Before knowing about solutions, you should know about what causes back pain?. It guides you to treat your lower back pain effectively. When you go for a doctor, they will confirm what causes your lower back pain from below.

1.strain or sprain – it causes back pain when you overstrain your spine.

2.pregnancy – a pregnant woman has more chances to attain back pain because of their soft ligaments.

3.age factor – when you get old, age leads to a weak spine because of a lack of calcium.

4.dislocation of the disc – dislocation of the disc due to a sudden accident can create lower back pain. It can press your spinal nerves that can be experienced severe pain in your back.

5.degeneration of disc – a depreciation of disc due to old age caused to create the back pain.

6.abnormal spine curvatures – at the neck or cervical level, the spine has slightly bent and toward the jaw called lordosis. It leads to treating chronic lower back pain.

7.cancer – when cancer attacks the backbone or spine that can cause severe back pain.

8.infection – if any bacterial infection in the bone can be caused to lower back pain.

9.Autoimmune – because of inflammatory arthritides such as ankylosing spondylitispsoriatic arthritisrheumatoid arthritis, and systemic lupus erythematosus, the bone has been undergoing destruction. It causes severe pain in your lower spine.

10.Obesity –people who are overweight have more chances to be affected by back pain. An increase in fat tends to the spine struggle to withstand your weight, leading to a weak spine. Weakness of the spine can cause severe back pain that you can’t imagine.

How to relieve lower back pain fast and effectively

Here, We searched and listed the solutions for the questions of  “how to relieve severe lower back pain” and “how to cure lower back pain” after collecting many references and data. We hope here; You can get relief from back pain by following the given medications.

1. Does bed rest help lower back pain?

what to do for lower back pain
  • Bed rest is key to treat your back pain effectively and make you much better. It can give a small break to your spine from back pain caused by sitting or standing for a long time.
  • Lying on a bed in which position makes you feel comfortable for a limited time can ease to treat back pain. Inserting very soft and smooth pillows under your spine can make you feel good when you have severe back pain.
  • If you have lower back pain, you can get a small break or relief by taking bed rest. 

2. Is inflammatory drugs can give relief from back pain?

how to alleviate lower back pain
  • Yes, You can get relief from back pain by using inflammatory drugs in tablets or injections that can be applied directly to the body. If you got confused about what to do for lower back pain, pain killers could help you to treat your pain.
  • Pain killers can help to get relief from pain caused by stiffness on muscles. The process of pain killers is to affects your muscle function and decrease it. It helps to alleviate the symptoms of spasms and pain.
  • You can take a pain killer as per your doctor’s prescription that promotes healing your pain effectively.

3. Treat your pain with a Heating pad.

  • Using a heating pad is one of the best lower back pain treatments with a set of moisture cloths covered by stupe.
  • When you wear or place the pad where the pain occurred, that appears to spread the heat to treat your skeletal muscles.
  • The heating process helps to treat the blood vessels and enhance the tissue which is affected by pain.
  • It helps to free up the muscles and promotes oxygen and nutrients to the muscles to reactivate them

4. doing Cat cow yoga helps lower back pain?

lower back pain treatment
  • Cat cow is yoga to stretch the muscles and make your spine more flexible. It has the benefits of removing muscles’ stiffness and strengthening your nervous system and abdominal organs.
  • The ultimate goal of this yoga appears to recover your blood vessels from chronic back pain and encouraging the breath to keep your lungs healthy.
  • You can do this by landing your knees and hands on the mattress and raise your head upward to the sky.

5. can i use essential oils for back pain?

how to cure lower back pain
  • sure, Applying essential creams and oils externally on your back can perform to treat your lower back pain. It tends to relax or free up the stiffness between the muscle to promotes the flow of oxygen.
  • You can use this medication only for temporary back pain that does not operate for chronic aches.

6. Is a cold pack good for back pain?

  • Cold pack therapy is defined as curing pain by applying the cold where the pain is experienced or detected. It helps to reduce the inflammation and swelling which causes pain by decreasing the blood flow to treat the pain.
  • Using this treatment, You can get relief from back pain by temporarily reducing the activity of your nervous system

7. Can I take Acupuncture therapy for back pain ?

how to help back pain
  • Yes, If you are affected by chronic lower back pain for a long time can take acupuncture therapy to treat your pain effectively. It’s an ancient Chinese therapy of inserting needles at specific pressure points on your body.
  • You don’t worry about the needle insert because it doesn’t make you feel pain and discomfort. Concentrates on the pressure points connected with your nervous system to stimulate the muscle to relieve its stiffness.
  • Removing stiffness leads to relax your muscles and reduce the pain slowly. You can also get this therapy for some other neural-related problems.

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These are all buckets of information specially listed for a confused person about “how to help lower back pain effectively?” if you follow these above medications, which will give excellent results in your lower back pain treatment.


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