7 Brilliant ways to How To Lower high Blood Sugar.

how to lower high blood sugar


You may hear about blood sugar(glucose) while speaking with your colleagues, watching tv, seeing an advertisement in public places, etc.

Globally, most people searching out the solution in many ways for “how to lower high blood sugar?” .in that people, some of them ask, “how to lower blood sugar fast?”. You may also ask,” is it possible to cure blood sugar?.

here I will not give medicine to your blood sugar, but I can give a solution for “how to bring down high blood sugar?”.

Before knowing about reducing blood sugar, you have to know about blood sugar, symptoms, and their side effects that guide you to get precise information about blood sugar and handle it.

What is blood sugar?

Blood sugar is defined as the amount of glucose present in your blood. It depends on the concentration of glucose level. It depends on the carbohydrate amount of your intake because that is converted into energy.

how to help high blood sugar

What causes high blood sugar?.

Insulin is a peptide hormone that helps to control carbohydrates, fat, protein levels in your body. It maintains the glucose level by encouraging the absorption of glucose into the liver, fat, skeletal muscles cells through tissues .

when the pancreas loses its ability to produce insulin, it increases the glucose level in your body.  An increase in high blood sugar leads to diabetes and heart disease.

Approximately 4% of glucose is presented in the average body of weight 70kg when it chases above 4%, which affects the function of many tissues.

When you are fasting, your brain takes 60% of glucose from your blood. Continuous increase of glucose leads to glucose toxicity, which causes dysfunction of cells and tissues. It can be stored in blood in the form of glycogen.

Servey of WHO

WHO says the rate of diabetic cases increased from 108 million in 1980 to 422 million in 2014. specifically, low and middle-income countries are affected by high blood sugar.

As per the report, Premature mortality increased by 5% from 2000-2016.

In 2019 approximately 1.5 million deaths were caused by diabetes.

American Diabetes Association

American diabetes association says 34.2 million Americans have high blood sugar as per the survey of 2018. Approximately 10.5% of people are affected by diabetes in their total population.

Every year 1.5 million Americans are affected by high blood sugar.

What is your blood sugar level from below ?

Progress Bar
how to lower high blood sugar

The chart explains blood sugar levels before and after taking meals.

If you are an average person, your blood sugar level should be  80-100 mg/Dl before and 170-200 after eating.

For impaired glucose, the sugar level is 101-25 mg/dl before and 190-230 mg/Dl after eating.

For a diabetic person, sugar level is 126 above before and 220-300 after eating.

what are the Symptoms of blood sugar ?

1.excess thirst – an increase of blood sugar caused to increase the thirst even though you have hydrated.

2.hungry – there is a chance to feel more hunger than average.

3.tiredness – you can feel tired even though you did not work.

4.blurry vision – more chances to attain the blurry vision.

5.would slow healing of sores – if you had sore that will take more time to heal because of high blood sugar.

6.dry mouth – you can see the dryness and crack of your mouth.

7.frequent urination – number of urination is excessed than an average human.

8.breathing difficulty – you have chances for the struggle to breathe

How to check the glucose level ?

The A1C test is also called the ad hemoglobin test that is widely used to measure the glucose level in your body. This test involved measuring the glucose level of your body before and after taking meals. It can be done by analyzing the glucose level stored in your single blood drop

How to take the A1C test at home ?

1.wash and dry your hands before taking testing

2.insert the strip on your meter

3.prick at the side of your finger with the help of a lancet that comes with your tool kit

4.take the blood drop at the edge of the strip

5.finally, the meter will show your blood sugar level within few seconds

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how to lower high blood sugar Your Way To Success

1.Reduce intake of high carb foods

how to lower blood glucoseIf you have confused about “how to decrease blood sugar”, you can get the solution to reduce blood sugar levels by reducing intake of high carbs.

Carbo hydrate plays a vital role in increasing your blood glucose level. When you take high-carb foods, that increases the sugar level in your blood. Because of this, reason pancreas does not produce enough insulin to regulate the blood sugar level. It causes to increase in blood glucose levels or diabetes.

Reducing intake of high carbohydrates is the best and effective solution to lower blood glucose levels.

2.take insulin as per the doctors prescription

  • how to lower blood sugarInsulin plays a significant role in regulating the metabolism of carbs, fats and proteins by absorption of glucose into the liver and skeletal muscles.
  • When the pancreas cannot produce insulin, you have to take insulin therapy externally to regulate your glucose level.
  • Usually, insulin will be given to every human three or more than three times depending on their glucose level.
  • Every human body requires 0.5 to 1 unit of insulin per day for maintaining its glucose level.

Conditions for taking insulin

You should eat a meal within 30 minutes after taking insulin.

You should inject insulin only on the skin of your abdomen, thigh or butts, or backside of your arm because that can be only able to absorb insulin fast.

3. take more fiber

how to control high blood sugarIntake of fibre helps to promote your body healthy and control the blood glucose level.

When you take more fibre in your food, that can helps to maintain your body fitness and make you active. It ensures the health of your bowel and reduces the risk of cancer and cardiac disease.

You can lower your blood sugar by adding fibre rich foods to your daily routine.

USDA(united states department of agriculture? Says every adult needs 14 grams of fiber per 1000 calories for a healthier body.
These are some fibre rich foods that promote to regulate your metabolism for your healthy life.

  1. whole grains(oats,wheat,pasta)
  2. peas
  3. beans
  4. nuts and seeds
  5. potatoes with skin
  6. seafood
  7. pumpkin and pumpkin seeds
  8. broccoli

4. Hydrate your body

how to lower your blood sugar levelStay hydrated is a must for maintaining the health of your whole body. Our body is constructed with 60% of water.

Water does not have fibre and nutrients, but it has minerals that promote the metabolism to regulate carbs, fat, and protein by absorbing it using liver and skeletal muscle cells.

Drink enough water to avoid the formation of excess glucose. It also helps to prevent kidney failure, digestion, and other problems.

As per the research of drinking water stored in the copper bottle will give copper ions to your body and make you more healthy.

5. Does Weightloss help to lower your blood glucose?

how to lower blood sugarNew research has found obese is one of the reasons for increasing your high blood sugar.

A person who has overweight has more chances to get type 2 diabetes. There is a relationship between weight loss and blood glucose because glucose is stored as cholesterol.

According to the journal, a people who lose weight 5 to 10% from their weight have more chances to reduce their glucose back to normal.

Weight loss helps to reduce the risk of cardiac disease. Doing exercise regularly make you healthy and helps to stimulate your pancreas to produce insulin.

If you want to lower your blood sugar, you should allot anyone physical activity in your daily routine.

6. Add fruits and vegetables in your diet

how to lower blood sugarThe role of fruits and vegetables is to protect against type-2 diabetes, cancer, heart disease, hypertension, and stroke.

Fruits and vegetables have vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, polyphenols which are a must for your body.

Intake of vegetables and fruits leads to make a significant reduction in blood sugar or glucose level.

They promote the sensitivity of the pancreas to stimulate insulin to absorb the extra glucose in your blood.

7. take enough sleep

Sleep is a must for every human to restore the immune system. Lack of sleeping leads to physical and mental issues.

Decreasing sleep make significant risk on blood sugar level because it has been associated with diabetes.

When you lose sleep, that appears to make significant resistance to insulin production. Lack of producing insulin caused to increase your blood sugar level effectively.

Finally, my humble advice is that if you want to live healthily without any disease, you should take quality sleep every day.

Medical advice

It is a set of instructions or procedures regarding what you should or shouldn’t do to lower your glucose level and preserve your health.

Every six months, check your blood sugar level that helps to maintain your glucose level below the permissible limit.

Follow the instruction given by your medical specialist that helps to protect your health from diabetes and their related disease.


The above instructions are workable that helps to protect you affecting from diabetes. It can also help you reduce your glucose from prediabetes to normal when you strictly follow these instructions. They give guarantee to make you healthy because they are scientifically proved.


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