7 killer steps to do best guided sleep meditation

best guided sleep meditation

Are you got quality sleep yesterday? If you say yes, you don’t need to come to this blog. Anyway, you came to the right place. Most people ask meditation is helpful for sleep?.they need the best-guided sleep meditation for insomnia.

Do you also want best guided sleep meditation to enhance your sleeping quality and get a meaningful sleep?.do you think Is it possible by doing meditation?.No problem here; you can get an excellent solution to attain quality sleep

What is best guided sleep meditation

Meditation is a key to unlock your sleep and promotes you to get rest by changing your mood. It is a process of removing negative thoughts from your mind and refilled them with positive vibes that make you happy. Before knowing about meditation, first, we have to find the reason for sleeping disorders or insomnia.

According to the insomnia severity index, two significant problems are causing insomnia.

 1.physical issue                          

 2.mental issue

1. physical issue

guided sleep meditation for insomnia

Various reasons like workload cause physical issues. Specifically, medical staff is working without rest during the covid pandemic situation. When you work under pressure, that will create pain in your body.

Physical illness disturbed you to get a good sleep. Most old adults were affected by physical problems like body pain that makes the impacts during sleep. If you have muscle pain, you can’t get a night of quality sleep for a whole night. But it’s smaller compared with a mental issue.


2.mental issue

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Mental issues are deal with your feelings and emotions. The various reason causes stress that creates unwanted thoughts and emotions, which leads to generating headaches and losing sleep. People are affected by personal problems, relationship issues, and financial issues. When you feel worst, that makes you stress and anxious.

Stress always attacks your nervous system, leading to headaches, blood pressure, and other health issues.

The parasympathetic nervous system is a direct neutralizer to the sympathetic nervous system. It asks the system that triggers your response depends on your mood. If you feel anxious, that starts you to get stress. The mental issue also creates an impact on your body.

By controlling your nervous system, you can manage your emotion because that is the main reason for insomnia. Controlling your mind is not the easiest one. But it can be possible by doing meditation properly in your routine life.  

Some people are thinking meditation is just sitting on a mattress for several minutes without opening their eyes. It’s not like meditation is an art that deals with your heart, feelings, emotions. It is the best way to control the flow of thoughts.


As per the research, every mind thinks 50000-80000 thoughts per day. Approximately the mind thinks 2500-3000 thoughts for every hour. It’s incredible to trust.

In that thoughts, 80% are negative and 95% repetitive thoughts. Negative thoughts are the main factor that affects your nervous system to make you fear or stress. As per the survey, a stressful person losses his life span because of unwanted emotions and feelings.

Continuous stress and anxiety lead to mental disorders. It also causes blood pressure and other health issues. If you want to live healthily, you should control your thoughts and emotions. Thoughts play a vital role in your health. one positive vibe can make you happy and healthy. At the same time, negative thoughts can make you stressed and anxious

What makes women more stressed?

best sleep meditation

Most homemakers have been affected by stress. They do a lot of work daily. They ware woke up early morning and prepare tea or coffee for their family. Then they prepare breakfast for their family. After that, they ready their children for school and also ready their husband to go for office.

After breakfast, they should clean the vessels and clean the house; then they prepare the lunch. It’s not easy work. Because of this workload, sometimes they are affected by mind pressure. It also creates a headache. 

Due to headaches, they lost their quality sleep at night.

So they want a guided sleep meditation for females. They need best guided night meditation to sleep without any disturbance

What needs to do best guided meditation?

Many peoples of all ages want to meditate, but they don’t know how to meditate properly. They are searching on youtube for sleep meditation for doing meditation. Some of them buy books about meditation then trying the steps which wrote in that books. But they didn’t meditate properly. In that books and social media, they tell the procedure to do meditation, but they can’t share the simple ways to do meditation easily.

Now here, we will see how to do meditate efficiently and adequately. Do meditation is easy, but it will take some time to do that effectively and adequately. Before learning meditation, we should know the guides and needs of a meditator.

1.best and peaceful place

deep sleep guided meditation

meditation. If you want to do meditate effectively, you should select a quiet place to meditate. Every site has some vibrations. Based on the location, it may vary. If you choose the louder area, that will create a negative impact on your meditation. Noisier

The right place is needed to do meditation without interaction. Location plays a vital role in meditation because the place will make an impact on your meditation. If areas are having more sounds and negative vibrations that will disturb your meditation.

Quiet or peaceful places have positive vibration that supports to enhance your meditation to doing effectively. So you have to select the right place to start your meditation.

2.good mattress

Doing meditation without a good mattress is slight makes you feel uncomfortable. Choosing the right mattress makes you feel comfortable and soft also helps to do meditation. So you should select a suitable mattress for your proper meditation.

The best mattress should have the following properties

1.soft and comfort     


3.long last life

You should follow this property when choosing a mattress.

3.free and flexible cloth

Before doing meditation, you should wear-free and flexible cloth. Suppose you wear fit or tight dresses that make you feel uncomfortable when doing meditation. So always wear soft and supple dresses to do the meditation.

4.meditation music

Music is a game changer to tune up your meditation in an effective way. Meditation music helps to focus your mind that also changes your mindset.

When you hear the meditation music that acts as a cleaner to clean your mind, which is filled with negative thoughts and stress, it helps to remove your stress and make you feel better and happy.

Every tune has positive vibes that help to prepare your mind for doing meditation. Youtube contains a lot of meditation music that will help your meditation.

5.mind makes you whats you think

It is the most and essential need for meditation. Doing meditation is not possible if you are not adopting your mind to do that. Most peoples do meditation for some days; then, they did not give importance and time to do meditation. If you want to live healthily and wealthily, you must allot time to do meditation every day.

7 killer steps to become a miracle meditator

These are some crucial steps that guide you to do meditation. If you follow these steps, you can become a miracle meditator.

1.spread the mattress on the ground where you selected for meditation.

2.sit on the mattress after wearing the dresser for doing meditation.

3.set your mind to do meditation

4.play the music which is downloaded from youtube or any other sources, especially for meditation.

5.close your eyes and focus your mind on the center of your vision

6.concentrate on your breathing how to it inhaling and exhaling

7. follow these steps for 5 to 10 minutes

final remarks

These seven steps are golden steps that help you to practice meditation in a short period. You can learn meditation fast and effectively by following the above steps. But the sixth step is must essential to focus on your mindset because there are no possibilities to control your thoughts.

Every day more than a thousand thoughts are thinking by the mind. for controlling the mind, concentrate on breathing is very helpful to control your thoughts and focus your mind. If you follow those steps, that will change you to become a miracle meditator.

These steps guide you to get a night of quality sleep by removing stress and anxiety. It refills your mind with positive thoughts by removing negative vibes and makes you peaceful and happy.

If you do this meditation, you will fall asleep within the next five minutes.


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