What causes severe back pain in pregnancy and how to relieve it

back pain in pregnancy

Back pain is a pain that can be experienced on the backside of the spine. It can be classified into four types as per where the pain experienced on the spine.





Most women are affected by back pain in pregnancy times. Normal women ask,” Is lower back pain normal in early pregnancy?.

At the same time, Newly pregnant women doubt “when does back pain start in pregnancy?” and how to relieve back pain in pregnancy time.

Here you can get complete information about pregnancy back pain and “how to help back pain in pregnancy?” by reading this blog.

First, you should know what causes back pain that guides you to help back pain in pregnancy time and reduce it.

As per the survey, nearly 50% of women suffer from back pain in pregnancy times.

What makes back pain in pregnancy?

These are some significant reasons that cause lower back pain In your pregnancy time.

Increase of weight – when women attain pregnancy, that causes to increase their weight. It can be increased still delivery period. A pregnant woman needs more energy to their body to carry a baby, and the baby nucleus also needs nutrients to grow as a baby.

So the women should take more nutrients for healthy and normal delivery. Due to the intake of nutrients, women get more weight.

Butt bone enlargement – during pregnancy, women have more chances to attain back pain because of hormone changes. While attend pregnancy body produces the hormone that name is relaxin. It relaxes your muscle and bone(pelvic) for the normal delivery process. The enlargement of bone can cause back pain.

Position changes – up to four months, there is no problem for pregnant women. But when the women crossed four months of pregnancy, that may cause some position changes.

Due to an increase of weight in front, the spine gets strain to withstand the body in a normal position. It will cause pain in the back. Usage of high heel footwear can also cause you to change your posture to attain back pain.

Sleeping posture – attain pregnancy may cause disturbance in sleep. Pregnant women struggle to sleep at night because their pregnancy makes them uncomfortable, so they sleep in an awkward posture that can cause back and neck pain.

Lack of calcium – if weak women got pregnant, that can cause back pain during pregnancy time. A woman who has a shortage of calcium in their bones has more chances to attain severe back pain.

Strain – In pregnancy time, women should avoid lifting weight and strain the body. It causes to attain severe back pain sometimes; it may lead to abortion.

These are the factor of back pain in pregnancy time. Most of the women attain back pain because of anyone reason listed above. So they ask,” how to relieve back pain in pregnancy”?.

Here we share the most effective solutions for what to do for back pain. It effectively guides you to reduce back pain in pregnancy in all trimesters.

8 Best tips to prevent and relieve back pain in pregnancy

1. Choose the proper nutrient

cramping and lower pain in early pregnancychoosing the right nutrient food helps you increase your body’s strength. Adding more calcium to your food makes your bone strong to protect you from back pain in pregnancy time.

Dairy products like milk, cheese, yoghurt have more calcium. take anyone from that in your pregnancy diet make your bone strong and can prevent you from back pain

2. Don't strain your body.

how to relieve back pain in pregnancy

We already know women’s body is more soft compared with men. While attending pregnancy, the body softness will increase for preparing normal delivery. So a pregnant woman doesn’t strain his body. They do not lift any weighted object in their first four months of pregnancy time.

3. Try to sleep in a proper posture.

Sleeping in an awkward position causes back and neck pain. I know this stuff can do for hard at first. But it would help if you try to sleep in a proper posture that can save you from unwanted back pain. Using an adjustable pillow gives the best comfort and support while you sleep.

4. Do small exercise

back pain in pregnancy

Doing some small stretch exercise in pregnancy time helps prevent severe back pain. Stretches of muscle and bones make it soft and enlarge it for healthy and normal delivery. So pregnant women should allot time for doing exercise to avoid pain in their back and neck. Cat cow yoga is best for a pregnant woman to make a healthy body and mind simultaneously.

5.Take hot or cold therapy.

is lower back pain start in pregnancyTaking hot or therapy is a good treatment for back pain in pregnancy. Applying a hot or cold pack on the back pain posture promotes the muscle to relax and reactivate the cells .it can give slight pain relief to the spine.

6. Try acupuncture therapy

back pain in pregnancy first trimesterTaking acupuncture therapy is the best way to treat your back pain and relieve it fast. Try acupuncture therapy will give a fantastic result on your back pain treatment.

Inserting pins on pressure points guides you to get relief from pain quickly. Nowadays, most centres are providing the best acupuncture treatment for all. You can search and book your own time to take acupuncture therapy

7. Take massage with essential oils.

how to help back pain in pregnancyMassage your back with effective oils can help to ease your pain and get you relief from it. Applying oil tends to reduce the muscles’ stiffness that leads to experience pain relief from the back.

8. Consult with your doctor

back pain in pregnancy

Consulting is a must for every pregnant woman. It helps to maintain the health of women and babies. Meet your doctor once a month to help guide you in the best way to birth the child healthy.

Proper medication makes a woman healthy both physically and mentally. A pregnant woman who wants to birth to a healthy baby in a normal delivery should take the appropriate medication prescribed by their specialist.


we hope this information is helpful for you. This information is listed here after the deep analysis. If you are a pregnant woman, it will benefit your health and guide you to birth a healthy baby in normal delivery.


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