how to control high blood pressure and live healthily

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how to control high blood pressure

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What is blood pressure?

how to control blood pressure

Blood pressure is a disease caused by the pressure of circulating blood against the walls of blood vessels. When the pressure rate of blood is crossed, it can cause blood pressure on your body. High blood pressure leads to heart disease, kidney failure, and stroke.

Nowadays, heart disease is a major problem worldwide. According to the survey of WHO, one-third of people are affected by heart disease.

servey of blood pressure

One survey says globally, 1/5 of women and ¼ of men are affected by high blood pressure disease. It’s not a normal range. The main cause of blood pressure creates severe heart disease and kidney failure. It also has more chances of stroke.

Worldwide seven in one people dead due to high blood pressure. Approximately 26% of people in the world population have high blood pressure.

blood pressure
how to control high blood pressure

Statistics of blood pressure in USA

statistics of men and women

As per the report of the survey, 30.8% of women and 34.8% of men are affected by high blood pressure. A total of 38,842.2 women and 42,132.8 men are struggling with high blood pressure.

blood pressure 30.8%
blood pressure 34.8%

If you see the report, as per age, 14.2% of people under the category of 18-44 have high blood pressure. There are 16,182.4 young people affected by this issue.

Age between 18-44

Under the category of 44-64 age people having 40.4%, blood pressure with cholesterol .its is two times of previous type (32,822.4).

Age between 44-64

The final category of people above the age of 65 having the highest percentage of disease vulnerability. Compared with the first category it’s more than three times.It’s not a normal condition.

How to measure blood pressure?

how to control high blood pressure medicine

The sphygmomanometer is a device that is used to measure the level of pressure In your blood. The meter has three parts.

1.cuff – Cuff is designed with an air-circulated structure. It can expand and shrink when testing the pressure level.

2.manometer – It is a device that measures the amount of pressure in blood vessels bypassing the air through the cuff. It is connected with a rubber pump Inflator that helps to pump the air through the cuff. The range of the pressure meter is 130mmHg.

3.stethoscope – It is used to measure the sounds of blood while passing through the vessels.


To measure blood pressure:

  1. Place the cuff around your upper arm.
  2. Pump the air into the cuff until blood cant flow through the component.
  3. Reduce the air in the cuff until the blood flow starts to flow into vessels.
  4. At that time, measure the sound of blood flow into the vessels.
  5. Calculate the value of pressure shown on the scale—it’s your blood pressure rate.

What's your blood pressure from below ?

blood pressure range
normal less than 120 over 80 mmHg
Elevated less than 80 or 120-129
First level High blood pressure 130-139/80-89
Second level high blood pressure 140 and above/90 and above
Hypertension 140 and above/90 and above.

Interesting Facts | Bet You Never Knew About what causes blood pressure


In this case, you have more chances to be affected by blood pressure because of your genetics; if your family members have blood pressure, that may cause you to involve you as per your genetics.

how to control high blood pressure naturally


Stress is one of the reasons for increasing pressure levels in your blood. But it’s not the main factor to create permanent blood pressure. It can cause a short-term impact on your pressure level. It can cause both physical and mental issues.

When you get stress, your heartbeat level is going to reach its maximum permissible limit. An increase in a heartbeat can raise the pressure of blood against the blood vessels. It leads to blood pressure, heart disease, and finally, it leads to stroke.

how to control high blood pressure

3.smoking addiction

Smoking is a bad habit of addiction that causes blood pressure, lung cancer, and other health issues.

Whenever you consume nicotine, that means you are reducing your life span. Tobacco addiction is the leading problem all over the world.

According to the survey of WHO, every year, 8 million people die because of tobacco usage. In that 8 million deaths, 7 million people are died by direct use of tobacco remaining 1 million peoples are non-smokers, but they were died by the explosion of smokers.

A lot of researches have been done to come out the relation between smoking and blood pressure. Non-smokers had normal blood pressure compared with smokers.

As per the result, 61.9% of smokers had prehypertension, and 31.75% of smokers had hypertension or high blood pressure.

In the USA, nearly 45 million adults are smoking cigarettes. Approximately 4.7 million middle and high school students are smoking cigarettes every day. It’s not normal.

how to control high blood pressure symptoms

4.Intake of pills and supplements

Usage of medicines and supplements causes to increase in your blood pressure. These have some harmful chemicals such as indomethacin, piroxicam, pseudoephedrine, and monoamine. It can increase your blood pressure level and lead to stroke.


Married women are using birth control pills to avoid pregnancy. These pills have harmful chemicals, and it also comes with usage of warning. It may increase your blood pressure.


At the age of 35 and above, women have more chances to attain blood pressure because of pills.

how to control high blood pressure medicine

5.alchocol consumption

Most have of drinkers ask this question, alcohol is good for blood pressure?do you have this same doubt?.

It depends on the amount of alcohol intake. An intaking small amount of alcohol is not an issue. But taking too much alcohol is leads to raising your blood pressure level.

Alcohol contains a large amount of bad cholesterol. It’s not good for your health. An increase in cholesterol in your body leads to cardiac attacks. Alcohol consumption also leads to kidney failure and stroke.

how to control high blood pressure naturally


how to control high blood pressure naturallyWhen the rate of your BMI is increased from average to fat, it can

cause many health problems in your body. As per the survey, fat bodies have more chance to affect Cardiol attacks than lean bodies.

When your body stores the excess amount of cholesterol, that leads to increase pressure, heart attack, kidney failure, etc.

Here's What No One Tells You About Symptoms Of High Blood Pressure.

Headache – When your blood pressure increased, you can find it out by headache. The severe headache intimates the increase of blood pressure.

Chest pain – Blood pressure rate is indirectly related to the heart. If your blood pressure has been increased, you have chances to attain the pain in your chest.

Vomit sense – An increase of pressure level In your blood make you tired and create vomit sense.

Blurring vision – The rate of change of blood pressure can make an impact on your vision. An increase of pressure can make your vision blurred, and you cant able see opponents.

Blood comes with urine – In some cases, a person affected by high blood pressure can see blood comes with urine while urinating. Increase of heartbeat- a normal heartbeat range is 60-100 beats per minute. When you undergo high blood pressure, your heartbeat increased from its normal range. It crosses more than 100 beats per minute that leads to heart disease also.

Dizziness – Dizziness is not a disease; It is the symptom of many health issues. Particularly blood pressure. When your pressure rate is increased, that affects your sense organs like the eyes, brain. You can feel the symptoms of lightheadedness—the imbalance of the body, tiredness, etc.

Nose bleed – It is also called epistaxis. Mostly 70% of people will have been facing a nose bleed at least once in their life. It is a normal issue; however, in some situations, you should consult with your doctor. When your pressure is increased, that affects your large blood vessels in the back part of the nose. It leads to heavy bleeding that could be dangerous, so you should have met your medical specialist.

Breathing difficulty – When your blood pressure is increased, that increases the level of your heartbeat. An increase in heartbeat affects the functions of the lungs. It reduces the blood flow to the lungs. Due to this reason, lungs are weakened, and that struggle to breathe. Breathing difficulty leads to heart disease

Side effects

1.heart attack

2.kidney failure

3.mental issues



nine Useful Tips From Experts In How To Control Blood Pressure.

1.Avoid smoking

We already discussed about smoking is one of an important reason for increasing your blood pressure.

Tobacco products contain nicotine that causes blood pressure. When the lungs inhale the nicotine particles, your lungs are weak and also affect your blood vessels.If you want to control your blood pressure, you should avoid taking tobacco products.

The steps you should follow to get relieved from tobacco addiction

1.Mindset – mindset is must important to stop smoking. If you didn’t set your mindset, you cant get relief from tobacco addiction. Self-motivation is the best thing to divert your mind against smoking.

2.Motivate yourself against smoking.

3.Attend classes to get clarity about how to avoid smoking and live healthily.

4.Take CBT therapy and attend basic health education classes that help to reduce tobacco dependence.

5.Consult with your doctor and take medications to get relief from smoking.

6.Try acupuncture treatment that helps to remove the thoughts of smoking from your mind

7.Use nicotex that helps you to change your mind against tobacco

You can avoid smoking by following the above steps. Avoid smoking makes a great impact on the level of blood pressure in your body.

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2.Reduce intake of salt

Intake of salt too much in your food can raise your blood pressure level heavily. Salt contains too much sodium, which plays a vital role in increasing your BP.there is a pathophysiological relation between sodium and blood pressure.

When you intake sodium too much sodium, that affects your kidney because your kidney can filter 120 quarts of blood every day. Overeating salt reduces the performance of the kidney. So the nonfiltered sodiums will be stored in your body that increases your blood pressure.

Usually, people who take more than 8grams of salt every that can raise their BP effectively. If you want to control your BP, you should maintain a salt intake of less than 6grams per day.

Avoid sodium-rich foods such as processed meats, frozen meats, vegetables, pickles, condiments, etc.

how to stop high blood pressure

3. do Meditation

Meditation is the art of removing negative thoughts and makes your mind free and relax. Meditation plays a significant role in anger management. Stress is directly related to your BP level.

When you get the stress, that will make a heavy impact on your BP level.When you do meditation, that appears to make a meaningful reduction in blood pressure level. The significant decrease in BP level makes you more active and healthy.

Transcendental is the best meditation that involves sitting on the floor or mattress and close your eyes for 20 minutes with a blank mindset. It reduces stress either relaxes your mind because Stress and BP have a direct relation.stress reduction will make a great impact on BP level.

meditation tone therapy

4. Eat healthily

Select the right food helps to reduce and control blood pressure. Salt and cholesterol-rich foods can increase your blood pressure that may lead to cardiovascular attacks.


According to the WHO survey, taking plenty of fruits, nuts, and vegetables significantly impacts your BP level.

These are some foods that help to lower your BP.

1.Green Leafs
Intake of sodium-rich foods can reduce your BP level significantly because potassium affects the reactions of sodium.

Green leaves like spinach, beet grains, kale, arugula have rich potassium. They can improve the functions of the kidney to filter out more sodium through urine.

Adding yogurt to your food list gives the best result for your health. Yogurt is the best source of calcium that plays an important role in controlling BP.

3.Fatty fish
Fatty fish is a good source of fatty acids, which help to improve your health. These fatty acids have omega-3, which has helped reduce your BP because these are polyunsaturated acids.

As per the scientists’ report, when you take these fatty fish in your food, fish oil helps to relax your blood vessels. Relaxation of blood vessels appears significant reduction in blood pressure.

Salamon, mackerel, mussels are examples of fatty fish.

Pistachios are a group of cashew families that consist of rich proteins. Adding pistachio in your daily life makes your body healthy and reduces your pressure level. These unsaturated fats and protein may protect you from heart disease. It has a rich amount of proteins that control the systolic and diastolic pressure.

5. Reduce intake of caffeine

Caffeine is not the main factor in increasing your BP level. But it can increase the Bp level when you take more amount of caffeine.

Consumption of more caffeine caused to affect the adrenaline glands. It promotes the high production of adrenaline that leads to an increase in your blood pressure.

consist of toxins also that may affect your health. If you have high blood pressure, you should consult with your doctor for taking caffeine.

6. exercise

Exercise is not only a must for reducing your BP, but it’s also a must for your entire body’s health. one study says a fitness person lives healthier than a normal person.


Exercise improves the functions of the lungs so that it can raise the volume of the lungs. A healthier lungs intake a large amount of air that makes the heart more active.

A strong heart pumps excess blood to the blood vessels effectively that make your body healthier. Another advantage of exercise is to lose weight and make your body healthy. It can remove the toxins and dust from your body through sweating.

If you want to control your BP, you should exercise for at least half an hour per day.

You can choose and try any exercise from below that will greatly impact your health and BP level.

  1. gym
  2. sports
  3. swimming
  4. running
  5. walking
  6. climbing
  7. dancing
  8. cycling

7. Avoid alcohol

Consumption of alcohol makes your body weak. A medical study says about the relation between alcohol consumption and BP level.

When you take alcohol that causes you to attack your central nervous system, it can induce your sympathetic feelings, activities and make your body imbalanced.

Consumption of alcohol leads to produce the nitric oxide by increasing calcium levels in your body. Production of nitric oxide cause loss of your relaxation. It can increase your BP level and cause hypertension. Alcohol intake continuously leads to damage to your whole body.

8. sleep

sleeping is not just lying on the bed with closed eyes. It’s a medicine of relaxing your mind, removing pain from muscles, relax your body. Sleeping is a must to refresh your mind and body. When you are sleeping, your body restored your immune system and made you brisk and active.

Sleeping is directly contacted with your BP level. a person who doesn’t get a deep sleep that may cause to increase in his BP level. Lack of sleeping affects your mind and creates stress.

When you get deep sleep, it slows down your brain waves that help to restore your brain function and make your mind free and relax. Long-term trouble for getting deep sleep leads to heart disease and mental issues.

As per the American Sleep Association survey, a person who gets deep sleep every day has more chances to live healthy and above 75.

9. Aerobic exercise

You may ask me why did you add this category to the exercise category. I have the reason why I didn’t add these? because it is different from those categories.

Aerobic exercise is one form of physical, but it deals with all total elements of your body. It’s a special exercise for all. An instructor will train you with various types of exercise based on your fitness and age.

Nowadays, most doctors preferred this exercise to maintain your body health and fitness. It can make a significant change in your blood pressure level.

It helps to improve your strength and flexibility of muscles and especially concentrates on your heart to improve its health. It can deals with your muscle strength and cardio-vascular at the same time.

You can do this exercise single or group in front of an instructor with music. the ultimate goal of this exercise is to improve your heart health and protect it from disease caused by high Blood pressure.

This aerobic exercise is classified into five classes

  1. warmup-it takes 5-10 minutes to prepare your body.
  2. cardio-vascular-this exercise is trained by the instructor, which deals with your heart. It takes 25-30 minutes.
  3. muscular strength-it can be done by fitness tools that help to improve your muscle strength for 10-15 minutes
  4. cool down-after completing cardio and muscular, you have to cool down your body for energy recovery.
  5. stretching and flexibility – finally, you have to stretch your muscle to relax and improve your body’s flexibility

Emergency treatment for high Blood pressure

When your Bp level is raised above 120mmHg, that is called hypertension emergency. It is a very severe condition. In hypertension, emergency leads to progressive damage to organ damage such as brain tumor, lack of vision, blood vessel damages, heart attack, and kidney failure.

Compared with hypertension, emergency urgency is less effective. Hypertension urgency is not damaging your organs. It is gradually reduced within 24-48 hours if emergency treatment is given.

These are some essential treatments that may help you reduce your hypertension when you attain a high BP level.

  1. Stay calm-don’t do anything; just sit and stay calm without thinking any unwanted thoughts.
  2. Take a shower bath-intake shower when you are hyper tensioned, which helps cool and slow down your blood vessels.
  3. Meditation-do meditation is the best emergency aid to recover your mind from depression or hypertension. It helps to remove stressful thoughts from your mind and relax your mind. Meditation also helps to free up your muscles.
  4. Take choline tea-drink choline tea, which has organic nutrients that help to repair your blood vessels, boost up your energy, and make you refresh.


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