how to cure headache

The best Guidance For You In How To Cure Headache fast and effective

best Guidance For You In How To Cure Headache.

how to cure headache

what is headache?

Headache is pain that can be happened on your front head, one side head, upper head, or whole head. Headache is caused by various reasons that various symptoms can realize.

Sometimes it is difficult to find the reasons for headaches because they happen to squeeze, constant, unrelenting, or intermittent. Most people search the questions like, how to cure tension headache effectively? and  How to cure a bad headache? Because they have been affected by headaches for a long time.

what are the types of headache ?

Types of headaches may vary on symptoms. Before knowing about “how to reduce headaches?”, you should know about the reason for headaches. It will guide you on how to heal a headache and reduce it.

1.tension headache

how to cure headacheThe term tension is defined as when you think unwanted or harmful thoughts that can make you feel and get nervous.

A continue nervousness leads to creates stress and changes your behavior worse. The straightforward answer for tension is unwanted thoughts.

One study says, every mind thinks thousands of thoughts every day. When your mind undergoes negative thoughts, that lead to integrate your anxiety and also makes you stress.

An increase in stress can make you depressed. When you get more tension, you have more chances to be affected by headache squeezing. So most people need the solution to how to cure stress headache ?.

2.sinus headache

how to cure headacheThese are the connecting system of hollow cavities and skulls. If the sinus is affected by a virus or bacteria that leads to making you feel discomfort for breath.

if you are struggling to breathe for a long time, it guides you to get an unwanted prize of sinus headache.

3.migraine headache

Migraine is related to your neurological system. You can characterize the migraine by the intense, debilitating of your body.

It can find out by the symptoms of nausea, vomit sense, difficulty to speak, tingling, sensitivity to see the light, and hearing sound. This pain is generally making you worse by physical activity.

4.cluster headache

how to get a rid of a headacheCluster is also a neurological disorder characterized by severe headache on one side of the head typically around your eyes.

It usually lasts for 15 minutes to 3 hours, but sometimes it may be continued for more than a year.

9 best and effective Tips For How To Cure Headache.

These are some best and effective steps to reduce your headache and heal it. It will help to relax your mind and also get relief from headaches fast.

1. Apply cold pack

Applying a cold pack is one of the effective ways to “how to get rid of a headache?”. A cold pack is a treatment of using the moisture cloth on the head and eye. It helps to get relief from your headache within  20  minutes.

One survey reported that 50% of patients with migraine headaches felt better after getting a medication by cold pack therapy. This therapy is used as the best remedy for headaches for more than 100 years.

2. Apply Headache balm

Applying headache balm is a better solution for headaches. Using cream on where the ache occurs and massage it for few minutes promotes relief from headaches.

3. Take warm bath

how to cure headacheBathing is the habit of clean your body and makes you refresh. While affected by headaches, you can get relief from it by taking a warm bath.

A warm bath helps to reactivate your blood vessels and make you relax. It also helps to relax the muscles around your neck and head.

4. Do oil massage with essential oil

how to cure headacheTaking oil massage weekly once is the best preventative action to remove excess heat from your body.

Apply oil on the head for 20 minutes before going to the bath promotes excess heat rejection from your body and makes you cool and refreshed.

Oils are having good thermal conductivity so that they can remove excess heat, also soothing your eyes.

5. Try pain killer

Usage of pain killers gives excellent results while taking under doctors prescription. If you can have a severe headache, you can take painkillers by consulting with your doctor for better results. It helps to get rid of a headache fast.

6. Avoid brightness and noise

Sunlight and noises are the main factors to create a headache. Sunlight makes your body dehydrated, which leads to making you tired and causes headaches.

Generally, public places have more noises when you hear more noises that damage your ears and change your mood. So avoid outdoor while headache.

If you want to go outdoor, use caps and sunglasses that slightly help you protect yourself from sunlight.

7. Try acupuncture

how to reduce headacheDo most people find the answers for how to cure tension headaches?. If you are also that person, you can go for acupuncture treatment.

One form of medical treatment  The depth of the pin insert may vary based on the area of pain in your body.

Inserting pins in the proper distance where the pain occurred for a specific time helps to relieve the pain. As per the researcher’s suggestion, it can help to alleviate your headache fast.

8. Enough sleep

A healthy body needs 7 to 9 hours of sleep. One survey says 36% of people couldn’t get enough sleep.

Lack of sleep causes tiredness and makes you stress. An increase in pressure leads to create headaches on your upper head that changes your behaviour worse.

Enough rest avoids headaches due to stress and helps to make your body fresh and healthy.

9. Stay hydrated

Hydration is a must for maintaining your body’s health. It is the process of maintaining the water level in your body.

When your body dehydrates below the amount of water intake, that causes a headache, tiredness, and other health issues, so if you want to avoid these, you should hydrate your body every half hour.

These are essential steps to get relief and also prevent you from severe headaches. Let you protect yourself from those four types of headaches by doing the following methods as per what type of headache you have got.

final advice

consult with your doctor when you can’t relieve from headache by doing the above treatments. It’s a humble and special request; please don’t try any other methods without a doctor’s prescription.


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