Master The secrets Of How To Quit Smoking
And Be Successful.

how to quit smoking

The word smoking is not just a word; it includes the most dangerous killer diseases in it.

What is smoking?

Smoking is the habit of inhaling the burned nicotine substance that is resulting smoke being experienced by the lungs and absorbed by the bloodstream.


Globally, one-third of people are addicted to smoking. Most of the addicts ask, “how to quit smoking”?.


If you are also searching solution for “how to quit smoking cigarettes?” Here, you can get the secret of “how to quit smoking easily?”.


If you ask me to” how to quit smoking in one day?” my answer is not possible in one day. But it can be possible to quit smoking with proper medications in few months.


Before knowing about “how to quit smoking asap? You should know the statistics and side effects of tobacco.


It may give you fear, but it can motivate you to stop smoking fast.

Do you know Servey of tobacco uses and deaths?


Globally, tobacco cause moreover 6 million very dangerous deaths. As per the survey of centers for disease control and

prevention, nearly 40 million U.S adults are smoking cigarettes. 


In that survey, middle and high school students are addicted to tobacco. It’s abnormal and very dangerous.


Here I mentioned this survey for not for making you fear. Instead, it can help you realize the danger of smoking and effectively guide you to stop your tobacco addiction.

What are the side effects of smoking ?

Tobacco has more than 70% chemicals. Nicotine is the primary substance of smoking that is a drug with highly addictive psychoactive behavior.


Intake of tobacco leads to more health disorders are given below.




2.Heart attack


3.Lung cancer


4.Pancreatic cancer


5.Bladder cancer


6.Peripheral arterial disease


7.Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease




9.Larynx and mouth cancer


10.High blood pressure

how to quit smoking

best ways for how to quit smoking fast and effectively

1.set your mind

Quit smoking is not possible without a focusing mindset.


Mindset is the process of preparation and setting goals in your mind to stop smoking. It helps to guide you in an effective way to relieve your smoking addiction.


The role of meditation can help you to focus your mind in a short period to quit smoking. In addition, motivating yourself plays a vital role in quitting smoking fast and efficiently.

2.Try lozenges

The lozenge is a tablet that consists of a minimal dose of nicotine compared with cigarettes. When using a lozenge, the nicotine dissolve in your mouth will be absorbed by bloodstreams.


It helps to reduce the intake of nicotine compared with smoking.


Using lozenges is the counter medication to indent the individual to quit or stop smoking. Lozenges have only 2mg,4mg, and maybe some other strength.

How to use lozenges


1.unpack the lozenges


2.put it in your mouth and dissolve it.


Then it will be absorbed by your bloodstream.

3.chewing gums

It is an alternate therapy for stop smoking. If you have confused “how to stop smoking cigarettes, “you can try nicotine gum to get better results.


Nicotine gum is a type of chewing gum with a specific dose of nicotine taken to counter cigarettes.


Choosing the nicotine gums helps to cessation smoking and allows you to get relief from tobacco through counter-reaction.


Counter taking of Chewing gum helps to creates a dislike feel of smoking finally it causes to make you non-smoking person.

4.Cognitive behavior therapy

Cognitive therapy is the process of focusing on your thoughts and moods that cause to affect your mental health.

CBT deals with your behavior, feelings, feeling, and what makes you worse. It develops the coping strategies that will target your current problem and recover from it.

If you want to quit smoking, you can choose CBT for the best and effective result.

Taking CBT therapy is one of the best resolutions in your quit smoking attempt.

Cognitive behavior therapy will have a better impact on your smoking deaddiction attempt.

5.Sticky patches

If you don’t like to try nicotine gums, you can go for nicotine patches that are the best alternative to chewing gums.


The nicotine patch is a transdermal patch or sticker apply or stuck on your shoulder or back. One study says 20% of people use patches to getting relief from smoking.


Usage of patches helps to reduce the significant amount of nicotine intake. It applies the dose of nicotine directly in your

bloodstream through blood.


Due to this reason, a small dose of nicotine is enough to give a smoked experience. If you are a chain smoker, patches are the best alternative to quit smoking fast.

6.Try vapes


Vapourising is the process of inhaling burned plant substances such as tobacco. It is one of the effective methods to quit smoking.


Vapourising equipment combines two extraction chambers made of glass. one is for taking tobacco substances, and the other is for inhaling purposes.


In a vaporizer, tobacco is putting where the inclined chamber is placed and burned, and the straight venture is to be used for inhaling the vapor.


Using a vaporizer helps reduce tobacco intake; at the same time, it significantly reduces the irritating and harmful effects of smoking.


7.Attend wellness programs

Wellness is a state of living healthy physically, mentally, and socially living without any disease.


Wellness improvement is a must to keep your health both physically and mentally.


A person who lives both physically and mentally can also live healthy socially. Your health is measured by what you could experienced.


Wellness improvement plays a crucial role in quitting smoking.


Nowadays, many medical centers are conducting wellness programs to get you relieve from smoking addiction. Because of attending wellness programs, you can prepare both body and mind to do quit smoking habit.


If you are a woman, you can get a special discount on that program because centers announce special deals for ladies.


These results are filtered and submitted here after a long time of observation. These are the most effective and workout-able solutions to quit smoking gradually and permanently.


But these are not giving immediate results. Quit smoking is not possible in one day, but I can do it by following proper medications.


If you are willing to quit smoking fast, you can get an excellent result to quit smoking In a short time by taking anyone medication from above.


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